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Jan 21st, 2018, 6:10pm

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xx Rules
« Thread started on: Aug 2nd, 2012, 1:05pm »


This will be a User vs. User 30 GM league played on the PS3. Teams will be selected based on a first come first served basis. The rosters will be based on current NHL rosters (not randomized). The league will begin one week after NHL 13 is released (September 17th) to give everyone enough time to pick up a copy and get their teams ready.

- 5 minute periods
- Superstar difficulty
- 1 vs. 1 only
- Salary cap is on

No Cheese Goal Scoring!
If a player is accused by numerous GM's of cheese goal scoring they will be removed. If NHL 13 has the option, save the replay and send it to myself or a TAB. With video evidence the player will receive one warning, on the second occurrence he/she will be removed.

Given that we have no idea what glitches will be present/fixed in NHL 13, as of right now so long as you are playing fair (i.e. not scoring 2 or 3 goals the exact same way, etc.) there is no cheese goals. As glitch/cheese goals are discovered we will open a discussion on it to determine if we should ban such goals or not.

Gameplay Rules
1. Clearly targeting players with the intent to injure is unsportsmanlike and will be frowned upon. At first it would be a warning, but if it were to continue a ban would take place. Example: Hitting players not involved in a play/ without the puck.

2. Dancing/ figure skating around people to get a scoring chance, particularly while on the PK, is frowned upon. While there is no "rule", this is more of an honour code type thing. If you want respect in this league then you need to play fairly.

Penalty Kill Rule:
You must dump the puck while on the Penalty Kill UNLESS: you are losing by two or more goals, or you are losing by one goal or more in the third. However:
1) If you take control of the puck near your blue-line or forward (neutral zone & offensive zone) you can attack.
2) But if you take the puck after the shot or near YOUR goalie, dump it. Don`t try to work your way into the opponent zone. You can pass to whomever you like but the end result should be dumped puck.

New GM's
New GM's cannot make trades until they have played in 5 rotations. This is to prevent new GM's from making blockbuster deals and then leaving the league shortly after.

Back-up Goaltenders
Every team is required to play their back-up goaltender for a total of 900 minutes (15 games) per season. I ask that at the beginning of each season every GM identify one goaltender who will be considered their back-up. That goaltender must play for a total of 900 minutes by the end of the season. If the goaltender is traded or injured, their current total minutes will be tallied, and then a new back-up goaltender can be identified to complete the remaining minutes required. Each team's #1 or "Primary" goaltender must play the same or more minutes as the back-up by the end of the year... Ensuring people don't name their better goaltender as the back-up.

It is your job to inform me when you're back up is injured or traded so that I can tally the minutes completed. If you don't, any minutes played by the new back up will not be counted because I have no proof of when they were played. So make sure you let me know

Active GM's
Please try to make the effort to log in to these forums atleast once every day to respond to trade offers and schedule games. Unless you are on vacation there is no reason you can't come online for all of 5 or 10 minutes each day. We want active GM's, if you are not you will be replaced.

All GM's must go to the "GM Checklist" board and complete the list!


We will advance twice weekly in this league. Every week we will advance on Wednesday night at midnight, and Saturday night at midnight. Thus, each week the rotations are as follows:
- Rotation #1: Sunday morning to Wednesday at midnight EST (4 days).
- Rotation #2: Thursday morning to Saturday at midnight EST (3 days).

Given my work schedule, the actual time that I will advance to the next rotation is between 7:30 - 8:30AM EST the following day. (ex. if the rotation ended on Nov. 25th, we would not advance until Nov. 26th at 7:30 - 8:30AM EST). If Phoenix is advancing he will likely be able to advance right at midnight!

GM's will be left to schedule their games between themselves. Please try to schedule in advance of the next two week NHL schedule period. If there are any issues scheduling with another GM (i.e. unresponsive/inactive, cant find a time that works for both sides) GM's can post in the "Scheduling" board for the issue to be resolved (Please read below).

Unresponsive/Inactive GM's
If a GM you are playing has not responded by midnight of the second day of the four day rotation, please post in the "Scheduling" board explaining the situation. From the point in which you posted, the other GM has 24 hours to respond and either schedule a time that works, or allow the other player to play the CPU. If the unresponsive GM has still not responded after the 24 hours is up, the other GM is allowed to either play the CPU or sim the game. The following is very important: if you just play CPU without notifying us of the schedule issue (and waiting 24 hours) you will be removed from the league immediately!

Inactive/unresponsive GM's will be given an additional 48 hours immediately following the "24 hour window" above to explain why they have been away. If the time runs out and there has not been a response, the player will be removed from the league and replaced.
* Please read below regarding vacation/being away

GM's That Cannot Find A Time That Works:
Please post in the "Scheduling" board if you are unable to find a day/time that works for both GM's to play. Both GM's can agree on one of two resolutions:
- One GM plays the CPU
- Sim the game
If they do not agree on the resolution, then a admin/tab will determine a fair outcome. Fair would be determined based on if one GM is much more available then the other. The more available GM chooses the resolution. If both sides are fairly equally available/unavailable but cannot find a time that works, then the game will be simmed. Do not play the CPU until the other GM has confirmed in the scheduling board that it is ok because they are unavailable, or that the admin has confirmed that it is ok (Without one of these, playing the CPU will not be allowed).

Vacation/Time Away
We all go away for extended periods of time, and this is ok. However, please post that you will be absent and how long you expect to be away in the "Missed Games & Vacations" board. How your games are played are determined by the opponent (either simmed or played against the CPU). If you fail to do this then the "unresponsive/inactive GM rule" would apply.

The Games Played Rule:
The following rule has been put in place to ensure our members are playing enough of their games, and not abusing the vacation/time away given.
All players are required to play at least 67 games per regular season. This means that each player has a total of 15 games per regular season that they are allowed to miss (and only for legitimate reasons). Games missed during vacation/away time will not count against your 15 games that you may miss. You will not be docked a game if you miss a game because your opponent is unable to find a time that works (but your opponent would be). You must post in the "Missed Games & Vacations" board that you will be missing your game, or the "unresponsive/inactive GM" rule would apply (Ban in 72 hours).

Furthermore, players will be allowed to go on vacation/away time for a total of 35 days for the entire year (NOT PER SEASON!). I will not allow GM's to use more then two and a 1/2 weeks of vacation at one time. As Commish I will keep track of both: (A) The # of regular season games missed, and (B) How many days of vacation time each player has used. If a player goes over either of these numbers they will be replaced. Keep in mind that if you forget to post that you will be away/ on vacation in the "Missed Games & Vacation" board, I will just place you under the "absent/unresponsive" category which means removal after 72 hours. Moreover, games that you will miss need to be reported in the "Missed Games & Vacations" board, if you are overly forgetful at doing this you will be replaced.
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xx Re: Rules
« Reply #1 on: Aug 23rd, 2012, 07:50am »

Through a full season, we will have a few disconnects. If a disconnent happens, the teams have two tasks they must do first: (1) Message each other about playing another game (reschedule if necessary). (2) Notify a Commissioner of the disconnect

When a game disconnects, the players must attempt to play again (reschedule their game). If the game was tied then both teams will either start a new game from scratch or use the disconnect rules below. However, in games where one team is leading, the winning team will get to choose between:
(1) Starting a new game
(2) Picking the game up from where they were left off score-wise & time-wise

When teams decide to use option 2, the following must take place:
(A) Players will play the game as they normally would.
(B) At 5 minutes before the previous game disconnected/cut-off, normal gameplay will halt and teams will allow their opponent to score freely until the goal-differential from the DC'd game is attained.
(C) Once the goal differential is attained, normal gameplay will once again resume

- Example: EDM was winning 3-1 against SJ before the game disconnected at 12:00 in the 2nd period. EDM & SJ restart their game and play as they normally would until 17:00 of the second period. If SJ was now winning 2-1 in the new game, SJ would pull their goalie and allow EDM to score 3 goals in order to attain the same goal-differential from the DC'd game (2 goal differential for EDM) therefore making the game 4-2 for EDM. At this point normal gameplay resumes. During the break in normal gameplay, the team must spread the scoring out amongst their players to avoid skewing the stats.

This system is in place because if we just did the scoring at the start of the new game, it would give losing teams an incentive to DC from games (more time to catch up). Furthermore, if we did the scoring at the start and then just killed time till when the game DC'd, goaltender stats would be ruined (Terrible GAA & SV%). This system keeps stats honest and deters less honest GM's from DC'ing

A few other disconnection rules:
(a) Friendly disconnects: If both players agree to restart a game the DS will not count
(b) Players are not allowed to disconnect from CPU games. If a disconnect happens you must notify myself of why you had multiple restarts against a CPU. (Failure to do so will result in losing either a first round draft pick, or giving the team you DC'd against a free win - it is their choice)
(c) When you agree to pick the game up from where you left off score/time-wise, please spread the scoring out to not skew the league stats. If you remember who scored then use those players, if you do not remember then use different players for the goals & assists.
(d) We are tracking player disconnects. If we feel you are not able to stay in a game in this league, you will be removed from the league (So don't leave a game because you are losing).


Teams may discuss trades all they like from now until NHL 13 is released. But trades should not be put up for approval until the game is actually released. This is because between now and when NHL 13 is released, teams are likely to make trades/signings.

Rather then just giving the power to approve trades to the Commissioner, we will have TAB's who approve trades (including myself). Trades will require 5 votes to be approved or denied (whichever comes first). I feel having three votes for or against being mandatory is good for the league as it improves the chances that TAB's will make an evaluation that closely reflects league-wide opinion.

The evaluation made by TAB's when approving deals is to ensure that "equal value" is being sent both ways. We want to ensure that teams are not being fleeced in a deal by another for two reasons:
- 1. We want to protect players who may not be as familiar with hockey from trading away high-end assets in bad deals.
- 2. To stop players who have become bored with the game trading off their high-end players for lower-end players to simply help their friends out. Then when a replacement GM takes over, they are stuck with a team full of scrubs.

TAB's will take things like potential, age, desire to add depth and cap space into account when evaluating deals. So for example, we would accept a deal involving a highly-rated player nearing the end of his career for a lower-rated younger player with tons of potential ( But make sure you provide an ample explanation of why you wish you go through the deal. We will not just assume things). We just want to make sure that fairly "equal value" is going both ways in every deal. If a deal does not send "fairly equal value" both ways we will not accept regardless of how you feel, because it is bad for the league for the reasons explained above. It does not have to be "exactly equal value", we will not deny a trade because it works slightly in favour of one GM, but we will if we feel it is far too in favour of one GM.

TAB's may NOT vote on deals which they are involved in!

To see how a trade should be posted for approval please go to:

Off-Season Rules
RFA offer sheets are NOT allowed in this league. Given that the league only lasts six season, the draft pick compensation is essentially worthless when someone signs one of your best players. Therefore, RFA's cannot be offer-sheeted. If by chance someone does offer-sheet a player of yours, the following three options are available to the team who lost an RFA.

1. A. Provided the RFA was signed to an amount that is close to what the RFA's "asking price" was - within $300,000 (we need honesty here), the poaching team must trade back the player.
B. If the RFA was signed to an amount that was more then what he was asking for, then the losing team is allowed to cap dump on the poaching team a contract that equals to the amount over the asking price the poaching team signed the RFA for, and then recieve their poached player back. (ex. Demers is asking for 4million, poaching team signs him for 5.5million. I could a send a shit 1.5mil contract to make up for the difference.)

2. If the contract is WAY over the asking price and you simply cannot afford it, the losing team will be given the most comparable player possible from the poaching team as determined by myself or PHX using the asking price as the contract amount. EX. Demers (84) signs for 6million (asking for 4mil), myself or PHX would determine who is most close to Demers (84OVR, 4 million a year contract, etc. etc.) on the poaching team. That player will be given to the losing team and they are free to do with that player as they wish. Example: they could trade that player for someone comparable to Demers on a better contract then 6 million.

3. If the contract is WAY over the asking price and you cannot afford it, the losing team will be allowed to select one player from the poaching team with the same OVR as the player poached. If there are none with the same OVR, then they would go to the next highest OVR rating. That "on-loan" player goes to the losing team for the duration of the season, but he cannot be traded! At the end of the season, the poaching team must buy out the poached player, then the losing team will trade back the on-loan player. The losing team can now sign their RFA to an affordable contract (he would be off-limits as a free-agent to anyone else).

In all these situations as a punishment to the poaching team, the losing team gets to keep the offer-sheet compensation.

Being active on the forums really is a must for the type of league we want. I am not saying you must be on for hours each day, but please make the effort to come on atleast every day to reply to trade offers, update you're roster page, etc. Most importantly, schedule you're games on time.

Every team needs to set up a roster page on their team board. Additionally, every player needs to either change their name to something that identifies their team (i.e. SharksGM), or put the team logo in their profile picture.

Trade Talk
Please try to keep the forums organized. I know that I had originally said setting up "trade talk" boards was ok, but I am finding the boards extremely cluttered with it. I wouldn't mind, but the posts become irrelevant just a few days later and I have to search for them and delete them. I think it would be much easier to start doing all trade discussions through the forums internal messaging. Obviously teams need to post trade blocks and stuff like that for all to see (so that is OK), but keep the discussions regarding trades private please. I will start deleting trade talk when I see it.

Please Instant message me through the forums if you have any complaints, questions or concerns. I'll do my best to help you out!

* If you feel I have left something out please let me know. The rules will be updated as more information/issues are presented.
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